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X-Ray Studios is comprised of creators Landry Walker and Eric Jones. Together they have worked on comic books, toys and various art and writing projects since 1991. Most notably, they are the creators of two all-ages favorites, each featured regularly in Disney Adventures Magazine for most of a decade: Little Gloomy and Kid Gravity.

Over the years, X-Ray Studios has worked with publishers such as Puppy Toss Artweirdcomicz, BAM Magazine, Aeon Press, Slave Labor Graphics, Disney Adventures, DC and Scholastic. Characters and properties they have worked with include Supergirl, Uncle Scrooge McDuck/Duck Tales, Tony Hawk, Kim Possible, Dave the Barbarian, Darth Vader, Tron, Will Smith, and The Haunted Mansion.

Currently, X-Ray Studios is working with 1492 Pictures, along with a worldwide consortium of creative people, to bring their recent comic book series "The Super-Scary Monster Show" to television.

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