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X-Ray Studios

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Supergirl: Cosmic Adventures - Reviews and interview
supergirl flying
It's been a rough week. But seeing these reviews pop-up has been a tremendous help. This is all from the website: The Brave and the Old - a fan website dedicated to all-ages comics where the reviewers are primarily children. Awesome to see.

Here's the first part of the interview.

Here's a review of issue #1.

Here's a review of issue #2.

And here's a review of issue 3.

I just have to say, it's exciting and rewarding to see this level of dedication and interest in fans so young. Here's a picture of the two reviewers, The Comic Wizard and Super Reader:

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My 8 year old is a loyal reader of your works.

If your goal was to make me smile, you succeeded extremely well. Thanks.

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