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Three little words...
I am done.

I just wrapped up what little work I had left on Tron #6. Technically, I've been done with the book for months. But the last stages of coloring and what not are coming in, and so it is time for lettering. Lettering always means a last revision of the dialog based on the final execution of the imagery. So that's how I spent my day. There was no way to cover everything I wanted to include in the final issue. I suspect one or two (or more) questions in the vein of "yeah, but what about...?"

But that's the way these things go. Some people will like it. Some people will certainly be disappointed. Some people will be looking for a story that this isn't, and when they don't find the story what they expect, they will think it's just poorly constructed.

Not really my concern.

It was difficult returning to work on Tron. Writing those comics meant putting myself in a certain state of mind that was uncomfortable. The following quote sums it up well enough, I think:

"But I have convinced myself that there is absolutely nothing in the world, no sky, no earth, no minds, no bodies. Does it now follow that I too do not exist? No. If I convinced myself of something (or thought anything at all) then I certainly existed."

So yeah. That ends my working relationship with Tron (and Eric's as well. But that's his business and he never posts, so I've decided to be self-centered here). Something that I've been attached to in some form for almost 8 years. I'll still be dealing with a bit of promotion and maybe an editorial or something somewhere. But the real work? Done. I can comfortably close the door on this particular chapter of my life. Now my attention is focused on Supergirl. In contrast to Tron, the protagonists dilemma is very normal. The lead character is sane, even if a bit given to dramatic outbursts and suffering from an over abundance of imagination. It's a much more comfortable place to be, a happier place.

And I feel very... relieved.
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But what about Tron 2?

That one doesn't count. That's the all breakdancing issue.

Actually, I did write a one-shot titled: "Tron: The Worm". Which is basically a zombie movie with contagious infected programs with a FPS action style vibe. Very different from the last series with all new characters. I'm really happy with that script, but I don't think that there is any real avenue for publishing it. Ah well.

It merits sequels. The end of issue 5 was the first comic in a while where, after putting it down I said, "But what happens NEXT? I need the next issue!!" It reminded me of my youth. My youth reading comics, that is. Only without Rom the Spaceknight or Power Man and Iron Fist.

Ah... Forgot you do kids comments now. But that's what AIM is for ;) Name is the same (as everything, including my LJ, lol)

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